CloudCompare versions

CloudCompare is a 3D point cloud (and triangular mesh) processing tool
Jul 18, 2016
Oct 29, 2014
Dec 15, 2015
Sep 27, 2013
Mar 13, 2013

What's new

v2.7 [May 12, 2016]
v2.7.0 - 04/22/2016
- Enhancements:
* Cross section tool
- Now based on OpenGL for a much faster display ( proper integration in the new LOD mechanism)
* Rasterize tool improved
- Now handles RGB colors
- Raster export dialog updated
- The 'Cancel' button of the grid update progress bar is now handled properly
- Now exports images with the active (default) color scale
* Support for the Oculus Rift device
- new option of the 'Stereo' mode (you have to use the 'Stereo' version of CloudCompare)
- development is still in 'alpha' state
- units must be expressed in meters
- works best with a 3D mouse
- works best in 'bubble view' mode (i.e. with FARO or PTX files)
* The 'Global Shift & Scale' mechanism now allows for shifting values above 1.0e9
(for georeferenced clouds expressed in millimeters!)
* New 'File > Global Shift settings' dialog
- can be used to set the limits that trigger the 'Global Shift & Scale' mechanism
- settings are persistent
- settings are used for both the standard application and the command line mode
- default triggering value (for the coordinates) have been lowered to 10^4
* New 'Tools > Sand-box > Distance Map' tool
* allows to compute distance maps for clouds (= distances from regularly sampled positions around the points)
* the output points can be filtered inside a specified distance range
* The 'Edit > Multiply / Scale', 'Tools > Registration > Match bounding-box centers'
and 'Tools > Registration > Match scales' methods now update the 'transformation history matrix' of the entities
* Bubble View mode
- now allows for horizontal AND vertical rotation
- the 3D mouse is now properly handled
* Command line mode
- I/O plugins are now loaded in command line mode (i.e. the FARO, DP and PCD formats can now be used)
- new option 'MAX_TCOUNT' to specify the maximum number of threads to be used for computing distances (C2C or C2M)
as well as for ICP registration
- the SPLIT_XYZ and MAX_DIST options can now be used together for C2C distance
* Default light position
- the default (sun) light position is now in the middle of the screen so as to get a brighter visualization of meshes
* Distance computation
- C2C distance can now be split along the 3 dimensions (X, Y, Z) even when using local models or a maximum distance
(in which case some values may be NaN)
* ICP registration
- the user can now set the maximum number of threads/core to use
* LOD mechanism enhanced (faster and smarter)
* The 'Link camera' checkbox has been moved to the 'Display menu'
* Mac OS X adds support for OpenGL Frame Buffer Objects (FBOs)
* Mac OS X adds support for the CSV Matrix I/O file format
* Mac OS X adds support for the following plugins:
- qFacet
- qAnimation
- Bug fix:
* The HSV to RGB method was broken
* The 'Convert normals to HSV colors' mehod doesn't rely on the Dip / Dip direction anymore as the way these values
are computed have been changed recently (with a symmetry about the plane Z = 0)
* When playing with the 'skip lines' parameter of the ASCII file loading dialog, the roles assignments could be cleared
(when a line was reappearing while it had less elements than the other lines)
* Mac OS X properly saves and restores the main window's state & geometry
* Mac OS X uses the standard menu names and keyboard shortcuts for entering and exiting full screen

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